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NOV 2016

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Page 10 of 43 NOVEMBER 2016 LAW ENFORCEMENT TECHNOLOGY 11 ThePerfectVision®V20VideoscopeisthelatesttechnologyfromCSECO,the makersoftheBusterK910BandtheCT30Detec2onKit . It'salsotheFIRSTscopecerFfiedSAFE foruseinfueltanks. •  L ARGE COLOR LCD DISPLAY –3.5 X ZOOM &10 X RESOLUTION OF FIBERSCOPE •  PUSH&BUTTONPHOTO/VIDEOCAPTURE–NOATTACHMENTS •  U PTO8,000PHOTOSOR6HOURSOFVIDEO •  B UILT&INLEDLIGHT&6HOURRECHARGEABLEBATTERY •  CERTIFIEDSAFE BYUL ContactCSECOtodaytolearnmoreaboutthe CT&40ContrabandTeamKit BusterK910B CT)40DetecJonKit CAMPBELL/HARRISSECURITYEQUIPMENTCOMPANY 510.864.8010 PERFECT VISION® V20 VIDEOSCOPE Circle 29 on Reader Service Card Circle 30 on Reader Service Card A work-grade Toughpad Panasonic's 12.5-inch Toughpad FZ-Q1 includes an Intel processor and runs Windows 8.1 Pro. This tablet is designed for the highly mobile field worker, in either government or private sectors, who needs a device more durable than a consumer tablet. Applications include code enforcement, home health, transportation, POS retail environments, small business applications and more. The device will come in two configurations, a performance version featuring an Intel Core i5-4302Y vPro processor and a standard model with an Intel Celeron processor N2807. • Circle 26 on Reader Service Card ★ 12183214 Sleek 2-in-1 tablets DT Research's D301S and DT311H 2-in-1 rugged tablets are built to withstand extreme outdoor environments with cus- tomizable options built into a slim, lightweight design that is also well-suited for the office. These ultra-rugged tablets deliver indoor-outdoor versatility with water-resistant detachable key- boards, internal hot-swappable batteries, and advanced hardware- software security with two full HD screen size options. The 2-in-1 tablets can adapt to indoor and outdoor use, while remaining light and durable with DT's signature fully-integrated design. Tablets come with full HD anti-reflective outdoor viewable screens in two models ready for military, industrial, emergency/ first-responder, fieldwork and other extreme environments. • Circle 27 on Reader Service Card ★

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