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12 LAW ENFORCEMENT TECHNOLOGY NOVEMBER 2016 The ProTacts Ballistic Sidewall from Range Systems absorbs bullets upon impact, reducing the likelihood of ricochet. G un ranges across the nation are getting revamped to make target practice more effective, challenging, and budget friendly. In particular, law enforcement agencies are rethinking their ranges in order to meet specific training requirements. To comply, companies in the target production business are facilitating improved training through newer types of items that will change the face of the shooting practice experience by way of top caliber technology. These devices bring maximum efficiency to law enforcement agencies and other sharp shooters alike. A wise use of space Rossford (Ohio) Police Department is in the midst of remodeling its gun range. One problem they faced (like most departments) has been reconstructing their range in a way that is cost efficient yet fits their current footprint. Luckily federal grants are available to help meet some of their monetary needs. It helps, too, that many companies that install firing range apparatuses have come up with money saving products. "We noticed companies that specialize in firing range installation were very help- ful," says Chief Glen Goss at RPD. "They often had specifications for the size of indoor range we needed upgraded." Limited space is a common challenge that many departments must overcome. Working with the area they have, the Rossford PD has had to limit their work- stations from five to four sections. "We will eliminate the shooting booths altogether to allow for officers to fire weapons in a more realistic setting," says Goss. By redesigning the gun range the Ohio department has not only made better use of its space, but it can now implement more reality based training techniques. For example, Goss says "The new target system will allow for targets to face and turn from the shooter to add an element of surprise. This design includes rubber walls, which allow the shooter to fire into sidewalls and the backstop." Shooting range reset R A N G E T R A ININ G A N D E Q U IP M E N T Today's "gadget- oriented" ranges simulate real- world scenarios, and might even help you save some ammo By Hilar y Romig

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