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Page 12 of 43 NOVEMBER 2016 LAW ENFORCEMENT TECHNOLOGY 13 The Guardian Compact Clearing Trap from the company Range Systems is designed to keep rounds from unexpected discharge within vehicles. The MantisX (from Mantis) offers instant results through smartphone compatibility to ensure future accuracy. The company Range Systems has come out with a solution for close range and cross range target practice like the range Rossford PD is developing. The company's ProTacts Ballistic Sidewall Systems offers protections for sidewall impact. Shooters can practice firing at multiple targets without fear of ricochet- ing bullets. Having this type of setup allows for specific situation target prac- tice in a safe way. "This wall system opens up live fire training by allowing officers to train for real-life scenarios such as close range and multiple target engagements," says Toni Kruse of Range Systems. "It takes them off the firing line and into a dynamic training environment." Other products like the Hard Malfunction by Range Systems and the MantisX by Mantis also give shooters high quality training without the need for extra space inside a facility. The Hard Malfunction simulates stoppage of firearms—a very real scenario. Once placed into the magazine, the firearm will not clear with a simple tap. Using this device trains the shooter to set up a firearm even under extremely stress- ful situations. For law enforcement this is beneficial, as officers must always be well prepared for the unexpected. The tool fits most 9mm and .40 caliber weapons. However, Range Systems says the tool is made out of soft yet durable material that will suit most guns. The MantisX is a digital target prac- tice tool that gives immediate results. Deputy Sheriff and firearms instruc- tor for Pepin County, Jeff Krisik has recently used the MantisX for training. Krisik, a law enforcement officer for 17 years and a firearms instructor for five, trains officers in his own department as well as personnel from neighboring agencies. "We run anywhere from 50 to 60 people through," says Krisik. "It was very difficult for an instructor to watch six people shooting and see what they are doing wrong." He decided to imple- ment the MantisX and immediately " The new target system will allow for targets to face and turn from the shooter to add the element of surprise. This design includes rubber walls, which allow the shooter to fire into sidewalls and the backstop. " — Rossford (Ohio) Police Chief Glen Goss

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