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NOV 2016

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16 LAW ENFORCEMENT TECHNOLOGY NOVEMBER 2016 training room," says First Sergeant Powers of the ACPD. "Additionally, a VirTra Systems firearms simulator aids officers in decision making and de-escalation skills." Specific trainings setups for law enforcement are offered by many gun product manufacturing companies as well. Meggitt Training Systems offers Live Fire and Virtual training designed to enhance regular firearms training. Among their virtual training options are their FATS, (Firearms, Training, Systems). The FATS L7 is one of few weapons (aside from the MTSI smart BLUEFIRE) that offer wireless train- ing options. It also stays in constant communication with the system using Bluetooth technology. Both weapons allow the instructor to view student marksmanship results promptly. The tethered and wireless weapons also allow instructors to initiate a weapon malfunction. Once the malfunction is initiated, the student must execute the proper clearing procedure, otherwise the weapon will not operate. Targets and outside The perception of the gun range is steadily changing. Albemarle County PD have integrated two, 50-yard, 8-lane firing ranges within one location. "Both ranges are independently oper- ated using Savage Systems and feature a pneumatic turning system," says Sergeant Powers. These types of tar- gets are being manufactured by many companies and are being integrated by many ranges. In order to further enhance their range and expand their training poten- tial, Albemarle County equipped their range with areas that allow for vehicles to be part of their training scenarios. Their two ranges are called "Lima" and "Romeo". W hile Lima is used strictly for qualification training, Romeo allows firing at a 270-degree arc. W hen many firing ranges are utilizing both the indoor and the outdoor environment, products such as the Model LE5000 Escalator Bullet Trap by Meggitt are a low cost option. This bullet trap can be used indoors as well as outdoors using fixed firing lines. The trap directs bullets into a swirl Range Systems' ProTacts Ballistic Sidewall stands up to the firing line. The Side Lifter from Auto Targets gives gun handlers an interactive experience by reacting to bullet impact. Check out more companies who make and manufacture products related to this story Just search "" (below) Action Targets 10028184 Ballistic Rubber Range 10040325 Blok Safety Systems LLC 12207045 Laser Shot 10032211 Meggit Training Systems 10032802 Oakwood Controls 12005879 Qualification Targets Inc. 10030002 Savage Range Systems Inc. 10030152 Tech Valley Technologies 10111014 VirTra Systems 10033680

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