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C O V E R S T O R Y How much performance do you think you'd get with $4 more? The story behind the Michigan State Police Vehicle Tests and Evaluations and the 2017 model year results By Jonathan Kozlowski O nce again this past September, the Michigan State Police (MSP) Precision Driving Team conducted their annual evaluation of next year's mod- els of police vehicles. The tests were designed to provide an unbiased source of data—the respon- sibility of analyzing results is up to each agency to decipher and match the "best" vehicle to its mission. Tests involved determining the average deceleration rate (braking), calculating a stopping distance in feet from going 60 MPH, top speed, timing the average seconds it takes the vehicle to reach certain speeds (acceleration), and a street course (dynamics) to emulate the vehicle's capability in highway—or freeway—like driving. In this article we present the acceleration to 60 MPH to match the brake testing, but MSP's data does go up to 100. If you're interested, MSP publishes their data free online. All results printed here should be con- sidered preliminary and are subject to change upon verification of data. The tests are not designed to discern 20 LAW ENFORCEMENT TECHNOLOGY NOVEMBER 2016

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