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NOV 2016

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4 LAW ENFORCEMENT TECHNOLOGY NOVEMBER 2016 DEPARTMENTS 6 EDITOR'S LOG 8 OPINION Could the 'Ferguson Effect' impact policing in Ohio (and elsewhere)? 10 NEW PRODUCTS Laptops, Tablets, and Smartphones 18 NEW PRODUCTS Ballistic Protection and Apparel 28 FIREARMS TACTICS Shooting through walls Exactly how does a shotgun projectile stack up against sheet rock and some 2x4s? 34 NEW PRODUCTS Products and Technology 36 TALKING POINTS Spotlight on community policing: The benefits of social media 39 INDUSTRY NEWS 40 TRAINING AND EVENTS 42 ON YOUR WATCH CONTENTS NOVEMBER 2016 | VOLUME 43, NUMBER 11 L AW ENFORCEMENT TECHNOLOGY FEATURES 12 Shooting range reset Today's "gadget-oriented" ranges simulate real-world scenarios, and might even help you save some ammo 31 The invisible barrier Cooperation can be tough to come by in daily interactions, particularly when you don't share a common language. Find us online: EXCLUSIVE ONLINE CONTENT: By Chief William L. Harvey Desired Traits for the Future Leaders What will be the desired traits for tomorrow's chiefs and law enforcement leaders? It's not an easy question to answer, but let's figure it out…if we can. COVER STORY 8 12 On the cover: The "Last of the Dinosaurs" a 1975 Plymouth Grand Fur y and the 2017 Dodge Charger Pursuit. 20 How much performance do you think you'd get with $4 more? The story behind the Michigan State Police Vehicle Tests and Evaluations and the 2017 model year results

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