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MAR 2017

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12 LAW ENFORCEMENT TECHNOLOGY MARCH 2017 law enforcement apparel and made their new 24/7 Expedition pant. Created more for the "high speed" first responder, it integrates a durable double weave fabric on strategic plac- es to increase your officer's mobility. Patches are at the front thighs, on the back across the hips, the back of the knees and up through the gusset. There's a bit of stretch but it won't exactly help with breathability. That comes from two new zippered vents on the side, one at thigh level, anoth- er down by the calf. This lower vent uses a special zipper to let officers zip up or down depending on need. • Safariland's Soteria Armor SoterX glove line uses a patented mate- rial—no Kevlar, no Dyneema, no glass. The demo had you don the highest level glove. The material was thicker than typical, my dexterity was slightly limited (emphasis on the slightly). Once my hand was out flat, they then lit the torch up to temperature. The best way I can describe it is that the glove turned what should be a third degree burn to feeling like holding your hand over a birthday cake. Now think of using your hand to clear a window of broken glass, gripping the hot rifle barrel, or avoiding rope burn. Safariland has this scheduled to launch Summer 2017. • It can be tough to be a rifle case and grab people's attention, but Eastern Beacon Industries seems to have done just that. And that attention comes from a lump on the out of new fabric called NYCO Tactical, it's a 60 percent cotton and 40 percent cordura blend for a no-melt and no-drip fire protection. The uniform includes a padded waist band on the back, reinforced belt loops, adjustable waist clip system, magnetic closers, D30 kneepads in the pant, lower leg pocket, breathable stretch back, a Kevlar-lined crotch for durability and built-in ortholite shoulder pads to keep straps from digging into an officer's shoulder. They're even dimpled to aid breathability. There's a wide range of men's and women's sizes and in tradi- tional 5.11 colors: black, dark navy and multicam. • Scheduled for an official release this May, Tru-Spec took what they knew about Wrap a virtual fence around your community to proactively prevent crime and improve safety. Add investigative power and enhance safety with fixed license plate recognition cameras without increasing manpower. Strategically positioned cameras at entries and exits create the virtual fence. • Receive alerts when vehicles of interest enter your community • Identify rolling stolens • Get more information for criminal investigations License Plate Recognition. Analytics. Facial Recognition. 2017 Circle 83 on Reader Service Card Streamlight came out with a TLR-6 to fit on your 1911 with or without rails, claiming over 100 firearm fits. C O V E R S T O R Y

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