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MAR 2017

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Page 30 of 45 MARCH 2017 LAW ENFORCEMENT TECHNOLOGY 29 comes in several configurations, includ- ing a Micro 9 CDP with KimPro II finish and Micro 9 Stainless Raptor, with the signature slide top scalloping. The Avidity PD10 is a double-action striker fired, polymer framed, single stack 9mm pistol designed by defensive shooting instructor Rob Pincus. Holster makers, if you do not have a design in place and a plan for this handgun, you had better move now. This handgun will shake up the industry in a very good way. I've known Rob Pincus for a few years now and, besides being one of the most talented firearms trainers in the industry, he is his own worst critic. That is, Rob's success is based on a constant drive toward self-improvement. This particular drive has been transferred to the Avidity Arms PD10. When he first embarked on this journey, he shared with me how many different "tweaks" he had done to this handgun. I got to play with the 3D printed mock up long before it was shootable. What I got on the range was a gun that fit well, shot well, and was light enough to stuff into an IWB and carry all day. The 4" barreled Avidity Arms PD10 was designed around the single stack 10 round 9mm (1911 style Chip McCormick) magazine. It comes with EMS Claw (Emergency Manipulation Sights) sights from Ameriglo, and aggres- sive rear serrations. There are three characteristics that distinguish the PD10. First, the grip area from the web of the hand to the trig- ger area is recessed. This not only will accommodate more hand sizes, it allows the grip pressure between the thumb and forefinger to steer the gun more naturally, plus the angle encouraged a level muzzle. Second, the gun balanced a bit forward, which encouraged accu- rate follow up shots. I put a few rounds down range with it and found that the design allowed it to float to the next target smoothly. Third, the gun is flat, allowing for sleek concealment in a full sized, full featured gun, including a glove friendly trigger guard. Eagle Imports is Rob Pincus was on the range with his new Avidity PD10, a double-action striker fired, polymer framed, single stack 9mm pistol. Gene Whisenand of Trident Firearms Academy provided expert input about the products we were shooting on the range. He especially liked the products from SilencerCo. the distributor. I predict that within a few short years, this will be in the top three guns for law enforcement. MSRP is predicted to be under $500. Long Guns A few years back Kriss USA introduced one of the most innovative advance- ments in the firearms industry, a recoil mitigating system that sends the recoil impulse away from the shooter's shoul- der by redirecting it, while maintaining a barrel axis that is much lower than most other firearms. When I shot the first model, I emptied a magazine of .45 ACP almost without muzzle rise. This year they introduced an improved version, the Kriss Vector. This new model offers 5 caliber options, from .45 ACP to 9 x 19 mm. This wasn't the most exciting news from Kriss USA. Their new system is the DMK22 Defiance, a 22 caliber AR-15 variant. When they first introduced me to the Defiance, I had the same reaction that most "gun guys" would have had. "Yawn…another AR-15 variant that shoots 22 long rifle, big deal." It would be boring except that they have captured the full manual of arms for an AR-15, including lower parts of the interchangeability with the real thing.

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