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MAR 2017

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30 LAW ENFORCEMENT TECHNOLOGY MARCH 2017 F IR E A R M S TA C T I C S Law enforcement officers can train on this product without creating training scars. Even the bolt holds open after an empty magazine. The new Remington 700 Magpul uses 5R rifling. That is, 5 lands and grooves that use sloping walls in the way the grooves are cut. In traditional rifling, the number of lands and grooves are usually even. Viewed in cross section, a barrel's lands are opposite lands while grooves are opposite grooves. With 5R rifling, the bullet isn't "squeezed" between opposing grooves. With the sloping sides in the lands, the sharp edges theoretically collect less lead and barrels are easier to clean. I can tell you that 5R rifling will make a rifle with legendary accuracy even more legend- ary. The 700 Magpul has the 5 round Magpul magazine and the incredibly adjustable Magpul stock. Most shooters will tell you that the cheek and length of pull adjustments are "must haves" for precision shooting. It's available in 260 Remington and .308 Winchester. The name of this shotgun gives it away: The Kel-Tec KSG-25 pump 12 gauge holds 25 rounds of standard shotgun shells. If the user wants to go with 1.5" shells, it's 41 rounds. That's not bad for a 9.25 pound shotgun. It uses two side-by-side magazine tubes, each holding 12 rounds. I shot the original 12-round KSG and it is surprisingly flexible, including a quick switch from one shell type to another while still pumping rounds downrange. The KSG-25 is completely ambidextrous and uses the same simple action. Kel Tec also introduced their RDB, a 5.56x45 survival gun that has an OAL of 26.1" and weighs 5 pounds. It was designed for backpacking. It may not be a bad choice for the mounted or motor mounted officer. The Mossberg 590 Shockwave is a 5+1 capacity 14" barrel 12 gauge with a polymer " birds head" pistol grip. It has all of the features of a Mossberg 590 in a 26.37" package, which means it does not require a BATFE tax stamp. Let that sink in. Compact shotguns are awesome. A little longer, the Mossberg ATI Tactical Cruiser comes with an ATI T3 TactLite 6-Position Stock and a ATI Halo Side Saddle. I like my Mossberg Model 500. However, the ATI furniture on it changes the handling character- istics and makes it a little more patrol friendly. I'll be reporting on SIG Sauer's new air pistols at a later date, but I will give you a hint: They have a P320 Airgun, and I ordered one. W hy? Because the biggest news at SHOT was the fact that the US Army adopted the SIG XM17, commonly known as the SIG Sauer P320.One of the most versatile handguns on the market today is now sworn for military service. W hile I was on the SIG Sauer range, I got another big piece of news: Jason Imhoff, whose inno- vations anyone would recognize, w w w . T A R G E T S . n e t 8 6 6 - 4 9 8 - 8 2 2 8 ALL NEW NTC DS UD Target Hit Marker Bulls Eye Targets Silhouette Training Targets Range and Bulls Eye Targets Tactical Targets Cardboard Targets Cardboard Backers Cardboard Backers Poly Foam Backers Eye Protection Ear Protection Steel Targets Shot Timers Manikin Targets Target Pasters Target Pasters Training Ammunition Gun Cleaning Supplies Slugmaster Clearing Station Call Today for a FREE copy of our New 2017 Summer Catalog Qualification Targets Circle 86 on Reader Ser vice Card Close up of the Avidity Arms PD10.

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