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MAR 2017

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P R O D U C T S A N D T E C H N O L O G Y 34 LAW ENFORCEMENT TECHNOLOGY MARCH 2017 Night vision NOW IN COLOR The future is here and Chromatra is bringing it. ColorTAC, when used in conjunction with any of the over 1-million night vision devices already on the mar- ket, provides the user with, simply, a color image at night. For those who rely on NVG's to perform their mis- sion, the ability to "see what's missing" can be the difference between life and death. ColorTAC is founded on Chromatra's unique Gemini technology that enables the production of color images from otherwise monochromatic imaging devices, yielding low light imaging performance. The ColorTAC unit operates in extreme environments, is easily deployable, lightweight and exceeds market battery life requirements. • Circle 59 on Reader Service Card ★ Pepper spray device with LED light Mace's Pepper Gun 2.0 dual mode LED light distracts attackers and helps aim at your target in the dark. Engage the trigger once to activate the steady LED flashlight feature. Engage the trigger a second time for the pulsating LED strobe. Comes with a OC Pepper Cartridge and a Water Practice Cartridge. An integrated Picatinny rail allows you to attach accessories. • Circle 57 on Reader Service Card ★ The evolution of running man systems Action Target's DRM Pro is the only running man system that: • Is controlled by a tablet or smartphone • Is built to replicate real-world motion • Surpasses Bianchi Cup standards • Displays real-time target activity and system diagnostics • Spans distances up to 200 feet • Circle 55 on Reader Service Card ★ Body-worn radiation detector FLIR Systems Inc.'s identiFINDER R100 personal radiation detector is the latest addition to its identiFINDER R-Series handheld radiation security solutions. The belt-worn R100 integrates networking capabilities to safeguard officers. • Belt-worn personal radiation detector with integrated Bluetooth • Dunkable and dependable IP67 certified, protected against dust and water submersible up to one meter and ANSI N42.32 compliant • FLIR R-Series provides solutions from threat detection to identification • Circle 58 on Reader Service Card ★ Truth in data BlackLight quickly analyzes computer volumes and mobile devices. It sheds light on user actions and now even includes analysis of memory images. It can logically acquire Android and iPhone/iPad devices. • Circle 56 on Reader Service Card ★

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