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MAR 2017

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36 LAW ENFORCEMENT TECHNOLOGY MARCH 2017 are imported to the electronic records repository. This gives dispatchers immediate access to any change in war- rant status via the system's WebLink software. "It has turned out to be a fantastic system and it took us less than a year to get it up and running," Nardi says. "At this point, we've reduced our potential liability from false arrests while streamlining the entire process from days to hours." That means sav- ings of at least two hours on each of the hundreds of warrants the county processes each month, as well as untold savings in reduced liability exposure. In addition to the savings on warrant pro- cessing time, officers can now validate warrants instantly rather than reviewing files once a month. The new system is also eliminating paper, filing cabinet and storage costs. Business process automation also enables the department to cancel approximately 1,000 warrants that no longer need to be validated yearly. The county averages 4,000 active warrants each month. With the new system, the days-long processes of issuing and canceling paper warrants are now done digitally in a few hours or less. The dozen or so false arrests made each year were reduced to one in 2016, Nardi says. Security is another attractive feature of the system. Unauthorized access to warrant information is prevented through robust security features. The system has some 1,000 to 1,500 users county-wide across 28 different departments. "Dispatchers can go in and very quickly look up the information and supply it in seconds to officers in the field," says Commission IT Analyst Heather Giddings. "But that access is limited. The communication process was much slower and less secure when they were using paper." At the time of writing, Marathon was the only county within Wisconsin using business process management software to handle war- rant arrests, but Giddings expects that will change as the county's success with the technology expands. Next on the list at the Sheriff 's Department is applying business process automa- tion technology to processing and enforcing court orders such as injunc- tions and restraining orders. "We have a whole list of projects through- out county operations I can see us using business process automation for," Giddings says. "The more we work with it, the more we find we can do with it." After the workday, keep your style on with an authentic Stratton Western Hat! Stratton Hats is the world's largest manufacturer of hats for uniformed personnel. Stratton Uniform Hats enhance authority and dignity, and have the added benefi t of opaque, sun-shielding brims for valuable protection against harmful UV rays. All Stratton Hats are made in the USA. Nothing tops a Stratton Hat. Visit our website or call today. Phone: 708-544-5220 Fax: 708-544-5243 WWW.STRAT TONHATS.COM TO SERVE AND PROTECT This Offi cer Wears a Stratton Hat and So Should You. Use your Smart Phone and QR code scanner to visit our web site. Circle 72 on Reader Ser vice Card TA L K IN G P O IN T S

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