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MAR 2017

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38 LAW ENFORCEMENT TECHNOLOGY MARCH 2017 S T R E S S M A N A G E M E N T professionals have been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress challenges, such diagnosis is often viewed as a sign of weakness or vulnerability; conditions that are unacceptable for those on the street who have to remain invincible and unbeatable. Therefore, one of the biggest chal- lenges faced in stress management is getting officers to realize that identi- f ying stressors and admitting stress in their lives is not a sign of weak- ness, but indeed the first step toward reducing the negative impact of stress in not only their day-to-day lives but throughout their career and beyond. Once officers have admitted the cau- sality of stress and its on-going exis- tence, they can then begin to make earnest efforts to reduce its impact on their mental, emotional and physical health. Addressing and techniques One of the oldest recognized stress management techniques is increased physical fitness. By that we don't mean simply lifting weights or dedicating one- self to hours of cardio. "Physical fitness" encompasses a way of life that includes everything from eating healthy(ier) to regular exercise to structured relaxation and more. While the old school "taking some time to unwind," might always mean choir practice, in today's world it can mean a half hour of meditation or a yoga class. A healthier body is more capable of absorbing, mitigating and recovering from the stressors of the job. Maintaining that healthy body means eating clean and having an exercise regimen that includes strength, cardio and flexibility workouts. The goal is to keep your blood pressure and resting pulse rate within "normal" parameters without the need for medication (pre- scribed or imbibed). To measure the success of such a program requires the officer not only to perform the health regimen with a high level of dedica- tion, but also to monitor the results. Unfortunately, most people without blood pressure problems never think about buying a home blood pressure cuff to regularly check their blood pres- sure. People without heart problems rarely think about the need to check their resting pulse rate. These moni- toring steps are necessary and a part of identifying potential toxic stress indicators before it becomes difficult to manage. Having an annual physical checkup including blood work is also important to maintaining an overall healthy system. Perhaps the second oldest recog- nized stress management technique is HD Video Evidence Now Available In Your Car! DVM-800 HD | 800 . 440 . 4947 Badges Insignia Medals Awards Collar Insignia Nameplates Challenge Coins Pins Accessories Ph: 914.948.4619 Fax: 914.948.1627 /smithandwarren @SmithnWarren It's not JUST a BADGE Trust Smith & Warren for a badge that reflects your department's identity Circle 66 on Reader Service Card Circle 67 on Reader Service Card

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