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MAR 2017

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10 LAW ENFORCEMENT TECHNOLOGY MARCH 2017 is built using common hardware, you still need a tool. With CRKT's new field strip platform, no tools are required. You can strip the knife to blade and grip slabs and put it back together after you've cleaned and performed your maintenance on it. Look for interchangeable blades and kits next year. (CRKT didn't say so, but it has to be the next logical step.) • In 1997 Mike Noell founded Blackhawk and grew it (with some excellent employees and friends) into Blackhawk Industries and then Blackhawk Products Group before selling it to ATK. One of his VPs at Blackhawk, a gentleman named Terry Naughton, bought a company called Scope Coat a short while back. This year, Noell came out of the shadows and made it public knowledge that he's a partner in Scope Coat—which has been renamed Sentry Products Group. When the founder of Blackhawk re-enters the industry with such a bold move, the only thing we can do is stand by. Sentry Products Group will surely grow and became a major player in the industry. Look for big things from this company. • IWOM (Inner Warmth Outer Mobility) came out with their Tactical XT that allows envi- ronment protection by encap- sulating the officer fully yet has integrated massive access points with easy-to-use zippers. Oh, and there's a few pockets, too. It packs itself into a light carry bag, rolls out first to a parka/jacket, and then into the full length weatherproof system you see in the photo. Officers can also use it for a layout pad. Right now the XT is only available in black, but IWOM says it is working on a multi-camo version. • Last fall, 5.11 launched its XPRT uni- form and we finally got hands-on for a closer look and the story. They began from first responders on European rooftops dealing with the steep pitch. Bracing themselves as best they could, knees ended up wearing through much too quickly. As quoted in their release, "For almost two years, 5.11 consulted with hundreds of special operators from around the world to develop the XPRT Uniform," said David Hein, 5.11's professional division vice president. "They wanted more range of motion, utility, strength and comfort." Made TACTICAL GEAR SECURITY DRAWERS SECURITY CONSOLE INSERTS TRUCK BED SECURITY DRAWERS call 866.318.8339 or visit to discover the vast array of security solutions available for you. SERIOUS THEFT PROTECTION made in the usa Circle 81 on Reader Service Card C O V E R S T O R Y IWOM Outer wear Tactical XT

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