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JUN 2019

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Page 14 of 55 JUNE/JULY 2019 LAW ENFORCEMENT TECHNOLOGY 15 Request information at mounted on top of the slide, it is subject to the same g forces. W hile current RDS are designed for those g forces, you need to ensure that what- ever is securing the RDS onto the slide can take them, too. Take a look at Figures 1 and 2 and note the metal which was left in place when the slide was milled to accept an optic. In the first, there are bosses which are forward of the screws, and in the second the screws are mounted inside of bosses. You can see how these bosses line up with those in the bot- tom of a Vortex Venom sight (Figure 3). In both cases, metal which is part of the slide is taking the g forces, and not the itty-bitty screw shown in Figure 3 sitting to the left of the sight. In fact, Trijicon's specifications state that the RDS pocket should have recoil bosses. Now, look at Figure 4. You can see that there are no recoil bosses, one hole is deeper than the other and the holes are improperly threaded. What you can't see is that when mounted, the RDS has approximately 1/16th of S Figure 3 S Figure 2 Photo cour tesy of Brownells S Figure 4 Photo cour tesy of Christopher Galli S Figure 1 Photo cour tesy of JagerWerk s EDI-USA 1-888-523-2363 $99 PROTEC-X Riot Shield $98 PROTEC-X Riot Helmet $295 TURBO-X Riot Suit (Half gloves included) Law Enforcement? Call and ask for a FREE tester kit. Includes return label for after you and your team nish testing. 100% FREE! RIOT GEAR

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