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Page 18 of 55 JUNE/JULY 2019 LAW ENFORCEMENT TECHNOLOGY 19 control and management protocols. Starting with the most basic needs, the range needs to have a minimum engagement distance of 50 yards for handguns and 300 yards for rifles. While both of those distances may seem exorbitant, they can be easily justified. Fifty yards for a pistol range allows qualification distances from one yard to fifty yards and it also allows for move-and-shoot programs that start at the 50-yard line and move a shooter up as well as across (or back and forth) on the range to closer distances. Such courses of fire are excellent for chal- lenging your more skilled shooters and create opportunity for competi- tion between them, pushing them to shoot to their limits in time against marksmanship. As for rifles, with many agen- cies carrying a weapon equipped with a 16"+ barrel and chambered for .223/5.56mm, accuracy and skill should be trained / tested close to the effective range of the weapon. As an example, the Marine Corps trains out to 500 metersˆroughly 547 yardsˆor almost double what is sug- gested here. Additionally, if your rifle range allows for standard patrol rifle qualification distances, it will support reasonable training for precision rifles as well. For both pistol and rifle ranges, obviously the berm has to be of suf- ficient height to support shooting from odd positions, such as laying on your back three yards from the target with a handgun, and ensuring the bullets will be stopped. Even if your design is such that you feel it guarantees bullets will be stopped, the area behind your rang- es needs to be clear and kept vacant for at least a mile and sometimes more depending on what you'll typically be shooting (for outdoor ranges). Lighting on your range has to be adjustable whether indoor or outdoor. Indoor this is relatively easy because The trick is in making sure your design features empower maximum control and management protocols. Request information at ARMOR CRAFTED FOR YOUR MISSION $UPRU([SUHVVFRQWLQXHVWROHDGWKHZD\ LQERWKPDOHDQGğWWHGIHPDOHDUPRUVROXWLRQV 2XU$PHULFDQ5HYROXWLRQFDUULHULVFXVWRPVL]HG DQGDYDLODEOHLQDğWWHGIHPDOHFRQğJXUDWLRQ2XU QHZ%5$92FXWHQVXUHVERWKFRPIRUWDQGFRYHUDJH /HDUQPRUHDW$5025(;35(66&20

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