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JUN 2019

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20 LAW ENFORCEMENT TECHNOLOGY JUNE/JULY 2019 R A N G E D E S I G N dimmer switches and program- mable light levels are easy to manage. Outdoor requires you to install artifi- cial lights that are still adjustable but have a maximum light level that makes the shooting lines as easy to see at mid- night as they are during the brightest part of the afternoon. Request information at Challenge your range Now let's take a look at a few small things you can do to add some func- tionality and challenge to your range, with a reasonably low cost. Moving targets•whether it is forward and backward in relation to the shooter or perpendicular to their shooting position•add a higher level of chal- lenge and more accurately simulate real world shooting situations. If your agency has the dollars to spend, using moving targets that are programmable and on all lanes of fire are fantastic. If you're from an agency with a smaller budget, however, and you can run shooters through programs one at a time, a simple rolling platform, some rope and a few pulleys can empower moving target training. Shooting from cover is something all officers should learn to do but many ranges have either a folding wall piece or a 2x8 stuck in the ground for a barri- cade. Get creative. Up the training level by using other items for cover such as 55-gallon barrels, old U.S. Post Office mailbox (the big kind usually found at community entrances), picnic tables as obstacles and more. Create a move and shoot course that takes the shooter from one side of your range to the other as they move forward and then back from point of cover to point of cover while engaging the target(s) from each position. Focus on ensuring reloads while behind cover and making sure the shooter keeps their finger off the trigger between positions of cover, as well as keeping the weapon oriented down range. If you don't have any reactionary/ steel targets on your range, see about acquiring "a rack." Six to 12 8-inch steel plates that are resettable with a rope pull can make firearms training more fun, ® R E A D I N E S S S U I T E MORE THAN SOFTWARE: YOUR COMPLETE TRAINING AND COMPLIANCE SOLUTION. Readiness saves lives. Is your team ready? Learn more at

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