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JUN 2019

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Page 20 of 55 JUNE/JULY 2019 LAW ENFORCEMENT TECHNOLOGY 21 Find us on Ariba Network #AN01393298780 47QTCA18D00C1 Request information at more entertaining, more competitive, and a greater learning experience. They can help teach shooting rhythm, faster sight acquisition, and more. Finally, if you can't spend any money at all, have a very basic square range and want to enliven the train- ing for cheap, go out and find more entertaining targets. With everything available on today's market from zom- bie clowns to hostage targets to neutral targets that come with high-threat / no-threat decals so you can design your own, new targets can surprise your shooters and bring something new to a stale qualification course. REMINDER: Firearm maintenance is a must After the shooting day is done, your officers shouldn't be allowed to leave the range until after they've cleaned their weapons. That means you should have either an out- door cleaning station or a ver y well ventilated indoor one. All the requisite cleaning supplies, brushes, swabs, etc. should be part of your range equip- ment consumables budget line. Remember that all that carbon and lead is considered a biohazard and review health safety where lead poisoning is concerned with your shooters. Meggitt Training Systems' XWT GEN4 wireless target carrier provides a high- tech solution to the set up and retrieval of your range's targets. Meg gitt Training Systems Big stock

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