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JUN 2019

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Page 34 of 55 JUNE/JULY 2019 LAW ENFORCEMENT TECHNOLOGY 35 Request information at GETAC K120 D O C K I N G S T A T I O N S W W W . G A M B E R J O H N S O N . C O M RUGGED. RELIABLE. RESPONSIVE. NOW AVAIL ABLE Scheduling systems with the ability to immediately notify all employees of an emergency give law enforcement agencies a head start on meeting the demand for additional manpower. Systems that send notifications through multiple channels of communication, such as both emails and text message alerts provide added insurance that every- one will receive the notification. A mobile app can also provide a ben- eficial alternative. It's not just about getting the message out to all employees, it's also imperative that the right people are in the appropriate places at the correct times. Scheduling software systems that also track employee attributes, such as skills, certifica- tion and training allow managers and supervisors to quickly identify and notify a select group of pro- ficient employees. Managers can subsequently view whether there are too many or too few employ- ees scheduled and adjust staffing requirements to meet fluctuating personnel needs. In an emergency situation, it may become necessary to temporarily change an employee's responsibili- ties, work assignments and location. A system that allows visibility of multiple schedules across an entire organization can safeguard against scheduling conflicts or double- booking, virtually eliminating the possibility of an understaffed loca- tion resulting from shared resources. This ability to share schedules also reduces unnecessary overtime by providing the total hours scheduled across the entire organization. "With the online scheduling system, we aren't sitting in the office trying to cover shifts," says Beahen. "We can focus on the job at hand." Because when the lives and safety of the community are in the balance, every minute can mean the differ- ence between an exacerbated situa- tion and a successful rescue.

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