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JUN 2019

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V ID E O A N D I N V E S T I G AT I V E T O O L S 36 LAW ENFORCEMENT TECHNOLOGY JUNE/JULY 2019 ® • 800.234.6151 • 1.972.494.6151 Securing Life Since 1964. Pinpoint the threat with Garrett's hand-held metal detectors. The Garrett SuperScanner V has both audible and silent vibrating alarm options and extended battery life. SuperScanner ® V Hand-Held Metal Detector TRUSTED by la enforcement Request information at Situational awareness for your K-9 partner The CORE K9 Camera is loaded with features and technology to increase your situational awareness and most importantly enhance your K9's safety. • Thermal Fusion video • Real-time HD color video • Two-way communication • Adjustable IR illuminator • Record to SD card • Encrypted video ★ 16-channel H.264 ONVIF encoder Vicon's 16-channel H.264 video encoder model that converts analog camera inputs into streamed IP video data. The encoder incorporates high-quality H.264 video and audio encoding and compression technology and is specifically designed to sup- port 960H, AHD and TVI analog cameras. ★ Narrow down suspect investigations quickly FaceVACS-DBScan LE combines Cognitec's image database search technology with powerful video inspection tools for a multitude of investigation use cases helping law enforcement staff to increase the speed and accuracy of criminal investigations, allowing them to act upon match results in the criti- cal time period after a crime has been committed. ★

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