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Evac Parallel with securing the incident location and setting up those other rally points, you'll also need a place to evacuate non-victims and potential witnesses. If those are students, that location will have to be communicated to parents and organized with whatever bus driver operation your area uses. What you don't want is the students, staff, faculty, etc. going back into your crime scene. Be cognizant of the desire of the parents to immediately pick up their children and get them home safely. Every parent can understand that motivation, however, some of those students are witnesses and need to be delayed in release long enough to be interviewed by investigators. Command Often used to coordinate both response and investigation, the command post needs to be reasonably close to the incident location but also far enough away to avoid being enveloped inside the response area if the incident scene grows. Communication lines available and transportation concerns need to be taken into consideration. It's important to remember that this command post may have to transition into use for a hostage barricade situation in conjunc- tion with or replacement of the active shooter incident. Take potential needs and requirements into consideration in advance of location selection. Medical You'll need a place for emergency medi- cal services. There is no way to know how long this space will need to be occupied and it certainly needs to be protected from the elements. There may be other concerns requir- ing additional rally points or designated areas of response function. Each rally point will have a different level of required manpower and where you have shortages, that will need to be communi- cated back to the location where respond- ing officers are being signed-in and then given assignments. Not all responding officers need to be put to work or on Request information at ARMOR CRAFTED FOR YOUR MISSION $UPRU([SUHVVFRQWLQXHVWROHDGWKH ZD\LQDFWLYHVKRRWHUERG\DUPRUVROXWLRQV %RWKWKH/&3&DQG7UDYHUVHFDUULHUVDFFHSW+DUG $UPRU5LĠH3ODWHVIRUHTXLSLQJWKHKLJKHVWOHYHORI SURWHFWLRQDWDPRPHQWVQRWLFH 6HHPRUHDW$5025(;35(66&20 an assignment immediately. Many will accept that there is sufficient immedi- ate manpower but shift work is being assigned for duties such as perimeter security, evidence protection, dignitary protection, bus escorts, and more. An active shooter event requires far more than officers responding to the scene, and there will be many different professions / personalities that need to be managed. If you aren't planning in advance then you are planning to lose control, not to mention potentially angering large groups of people who will be looking to you and your agency for a sense of calm and reassurance. ■ ACTIVE SHOOTER RESPONSE 2019 | OFFICER MEDIA GROUP 5

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