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JUN 2019

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SWAT/TACTICAL 10 LAW ENFORCEMENT TECHNOLOGY JUNE/JULY 2019 GOLIGHT INC 800.557.0098 | 28% After making improvements to our LED's electronic drive system, you can now expect more intensity from our LED remote control searchlights. Golight's new Peak Beam Intensity rating is now 410,000 Candela. That is a maximum beam distance of 4,200 feet. Same low 2.8 amp draw, just more light! NEW... Request information at Project your voice The A-WASP (Acoustic -Warning Signal Projector) is a wearable, high-powered, long- range, highly-directional acoustic communication tool. With class leading clarity and projection, it is designed to give police and emergency services the ability to send accurate, selective, high-assurance audio communications to targets at ranges greater than 800 feet (250 meters). A-WASP incorporates an automatic safety-limiting system to prevent over-exposure to sound. It is designed to be OSHA compliant. The A-WASP also has an automatic on-board evidence recording system which includes both video and data capture. ★ Upgrade your kit with NextGen accessories The Lighthawk XT 3.0 Carrier from Armor Express brings the next level of superior design for today's tactical officer. Now built on the widely accepted SPEAR BALCS ballistic cut, the XT 3.0 provides ample coverage while maintaining a more aggressive architecture. It's improved carrier technology such as the MRM Vent System with 3D foam spacing for airflow, upgraded Advanced Shoulder Pads that aid in weight disbursement and overall comfort, and an interchangeable cummerbund system with quick release options make this system an unparalleled option in the tactical entry vest world. Upgrade your kit with the NextGen Accessories for the ultimate level of protection. ★ A building block for a ballistic wall KF Armory Defense's Modular Interlocking Ballistic Barrier System (MIB2S) is a 12-inch ballistic cube that snaps together like toy blocks, to form a protective barrier. The man portable fire-retardant blocks can be deployed as threats emerge, then reconfigured or recovered as nec- essary. The polymer is self-healing and interlocking, pro- viding maximum protection to personnel, critical equip- ment and infrastructure. ★

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