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MAY 2014

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30 Law Enforcement Technology May 2014 FIREARMS TACTICS N ot long after last month's do- it-yourself adventures, I tested MMC Armory's Tactical Upper Receiver in 5.56. The model comes in two lengths: 14.7 inches and 16.1 inches. It is the same upper that goes on MMC Armory's Tactical C14.7 rifle, basically a lightweight, competition-ready tool. The test would not be complete with- out adding a quality receiver, optic and furniture so as to consistently validate its quality. Remember the Del-Ton carbine I built last month? I've put plenty of rounds through it since then, but I used the lower to test this MMC upper. Next I added some BATTLELINK furniture, a lightweight stock and tactical grip made of military grade polymer. To top it off, I added a Konus Sight-Pro PTS1 3x32 long eye relief optic. I fed it HSM ammo (a company known for law enforcement specialty ammo like glass penetrators and mono- lithic bullets) and DoubleTap DTTactical cartridges (a company known for match quality duty rounds). MMC Armory is a division of Mennie Machine Co. in Mark, Ill. Mennie Machine Co. has been an integrated contract CNC machining company for 40 years. Using their experience, they formed MMC Armory exclusively for manufacturing firearms, not just com- ponents. MMC is ISO/TS 16949:2009 certified and has some of the highest industry standards. They design and engineer their products using U.S.-made components, as well as U.S. production and labor. How appropriate, then, to put a Del-Ton, MMC and BATTLELINK gun together. These days agencies have to scrutinize their long gun purchases more thor- oughly than any other buyer, aside from a military contract. The law enforcement AR-15 will see hot, cold and wet weather. It will get yanked out and clicked into a car mount several times a day, and is B Y L I N D S E Y B E R T O M E N The ins and outs of MMC Armory's Tactical Upper The AR-15 is one of the most versatile tools in the patrol car. With all of the AR-15 uppers out there, it takes superior features for a product to stand out. The MMC Tactical Upper Receiver had ideal handling for an entry gun and 100- yard precision. We completed the package with BATTLELINK furniture and a Konus Sight- Pro PTS1, a 3 by 32 prismatic with a four-color reticle. This is the combination. LET_30-33_FirearmsTactics0514.indd 30 4/18/14 3:29 PM

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