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FIREARMS TACTICS 30 Law Enforcement Technology November 2014 By Lindsey Bertomen How, and what, officers can practice sans bullets at home and the range lasers W e already know what the laser can do on the street. For training, it can do much more. The laser can predict the strike of the bullet. It is a great tool when an officer is unable to acquire sight alignment because of some mechanical reason. In training, the most popular use of a laser is as a diagnostic tool. Instructors cannot efficiently see what the student shooter sees and allow them to assume a "natural" shooting position, com- plete with sight picture and sight alignment. There have been some pretty innovative devices designed for instructors to be able to see what the shooter is seeing. For example, there are some two-way mirror devices Training with Laser Ammo's Glock Reset Trigger is a drop-in training tool designed to give uninterrupted training sessions with the duty gun. This fire control group and special firing pin assembly replaces the Glock's without modification.

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