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JUL 2015

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12 Law Enforcement Technology July 2015 PRODUCTS & TECH N E W G E A R A N D G A D G E T S 1. Urine screening device The Affiniton Cupalyzer is a fully integrated, one-step urine screening device for the detection of multiple drugs and drug metabolites. Each on-site test is specifically designed to give users the flexibility and control they need to test for up to 14 illegal substances simultaneously—all with the same ease and accuracy. Circle 8 on Reader Service Card 2. Center your radio's mic The DMMSR LLC Heads Up Mic Clip enables the patrol officer to effectively secure the handheld, radio microphone directly under the chin. This keeps the officer from having to turn their head to speak into the mic, like when it is attached to the uniform epaulet. Locating the mic in this position enables the officer to keep his/her head ori- ented towards the front and optimizing peripheral vision for officer safety. The Heads Up Mic Clip also gives the officer the ability to activate the mic in an emergency situation if the hands become busy or rendered useless to access the talk button. Circle 9 on Reader Service Card Products to be Proud of! c t s t o b e P r o u d o f ! Proudly made in the USA by Americans who are blind or have signifcant disabilities. Supporting US-Works by Saunders products creates WIN, WIN opportunities for you and the working-age Americans who are blind or have signifcant disabilities. We expect to provide jobs throughout the U.S. for the manufacture and assembly of products, including offce, safety supplies and more! Solutions With Clipboards Made In The USA Safety Hi Vis Colors Protection Portability Organization Quality Circle 10 on Reader Service Card MADE IN USA

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