Law Enforcement Technology

JUL 2015

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Page 12 of 63 July 2015 Law Enforcement Technology 13 PRODUCTS & TECH N E W G E A R A N D G A D G E T S 5. Portable, remote, unmanned surveillance The TAC940 field camera from Maxsur is the perfect tool for remote evidence gathering and notification of scene activ- ity. It has been successfully fielded by law enforcement agencies nationwide to thwart hard-to-solve crimes and where live manned surveillance is fiscally impossible. When vehicular or human movement is detected, the TAC940 camera transmits still images of up to four different mobile numbers and four different email address- es. It can record audio and video simulta- neously and provides scene illumination with infrared light. The IR light has an effective range up to 40 feet and the fre- quency is 940nM which is invisible to the human eye, minimizing detection risk. Circle 13 on Reader Service Card Circle 14 on Reader Service Card DC/DC POWER ADAPTERS Lind's DC/DC Power Adapters are engineered for your mobile devices to ensure you get the highest level of compat bility and performance. Many opt ons available including: • Various Input/Output Voltage Ranges • Specialty Connector and Mount ng Opt ons • Custom Cables and Cable Opt ons Learn more by visit ng us online at, or call 1-800-897-8994 and talk to one of our technical specialists. 3. Accurate scanner Scan, analyze and deliver superior accuracy and detail of every crime and crash scene with the FARO Focus 3D X 330 Laser Scanner. Circle 11 on Reader Service Card 4. Cross-compatible cartridges The PhaZZer DartPro Ammunition Cartridges feature raised lettering and color coordination for identification purposes and are made in the USA for increased reliability and effectiveness. The Dart and Alternative Ammunition Cartridges work not only with the PhaZZer Enforcer and Dragon CEWs but are also cross-compatible with the TASER X26 and M26 ECDs—use your current stock of TASER ammunition in a PhaZZer Enforcer or purchase PhaZZer ammu- nition cartridges for a X26 or M26. MADE IN USA

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