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JUL 2015

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Page 18 of 63 July 2015 Law Enforcement Technology 19 photogrammetry techniques. For many accidents where a simulation may be performed or detailed crush measure- ments are required, we will use our 3D laser scanner. The laser scanner enables us to create a 'virtual' accident vehicle or accident scene by captur- ing a 3D point cloud, including color. The point cloud can then be viewed from any angle, sliced into sections, and measurements can be performed relative to undamaged sections relative to an exemplar vehicle. We also use a range of tools for vehicle handling, crash simula- tion, and occupant simulation." The future Panoramic/360 degree cameras are very adept at high quality images in a fraction of time, while laser scanners do a fantastic job of capturing measurement informa- tion and spatial relationships. The problem is that the cameras don't do very well at the measuring part, and the laser scanners fall down when it comes to images. Many people agree that the next step in technology is a combina- tion product that does both things well, eliminating the need for sepa- rate tools. That might be as far as five years away, but it's certainly on the horizon. "I believe that 3D imagery of crime scenes will be the wave of the future," says Dane County's Lehmann. "Much like [how] digital cameras replaced film, I feel 3D scanners will replace digital pho- tography. With the advancements in software, they will allow crime scenes to be recreated in such a manner that it will put the viewer physically in the scene. "I have personally seen 'The Cube,' a 10 foot by 10 foot room that allows the 3D scans to be loaded and with the aid of special glasses, puts you into the scene. You have the capabilities of opening doors and walking down hallways within the scene. The days of transporting a jury to a crime scene will be over." The migration to digital has already begun. "Adoption of laser scanner technology is in full swing," says AI2- 3D's Liscio. "In ten years from now, the majority of police agencies will be working with 3D technologies in some shape or form simply because of the value it brings to the table. Advances in color capture, portabil- ity, speed and accuracy will make these tools even more desirable, since they will be flexible under many dif- ferent environmental circumstances. Additionally, advances in processing complete bodycam systems for local management & control u Full local control vs. cloud u Full local security & encryption vs. cloud u IACP compliant system u No recurring fees u Easy! Dock and Walk™ u Add photos, case notes and GPS to footage u Keyword search and tagging u Scalable for any size department with quantity discounts MAXSUR.COM 855-778-6565 8 5 5 7 7 8 6 5 6 5 Maximum surveillance. Maximum service. 8 shield iV local software the local adVantage ours cloud $12,631 $21,751 $9,120 saVings u c l o u estimated 5-year cost call us today for an official quote 1-855-778-6565 r docking station Complete bodycam system with 8 cameras, docking station and software (PC not included) Circle 16 on Reader Service Card

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