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JUL 2015

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20 Law Enforcement Technology July 2015 EVIDENCE & FORENSICS and application-based software will allow police and investigators a means to do very specific analysis that would traditionally be painstakingly difficult. Also, the visualization of data will be available in many different formats such as animation, virtual tours, vir- tual reality and 3D printing." The cost of these tech- nologies is relatively high, but as more departments adopt, the technology will be seen as necessary and factored into budgeting. "Technology is advancing so quickly, I would think in five to 10 years you could see more officers and first responders, as well as forensic labs, equipped with 3D documentation and measuring devices as part of their standard uniform or workflow," says FARO's Parker-Fraser. "It's also not too far-fetched to see a day when a prosecutor or defense attorney can walk a jury through an actual crime or crash scene using immersive technologies." What's needed is an all-in-one product ... a one-stop-shop of crime or accident scene capture. "The future is definitely a product that does high-res images and the scan- ner info," predicts Montgomery County Sheriff 's Slusher. "Someone will come out with this. It will be a push-button deal where you push one button and it does it all." Luckily, despite all the techno- logical advances and incredible advances, an officer will always be needed to interpret the data and actually solve the crime. ■ Keith W. Strandberg is an American freelance writer and award-winning screenwriter/producer of feature films living in Switzerland. He was a former contributing editor for LET more than a decade ago. Circle 17 on Reader Service Card COMPANY READER SERVICE NUMBER Faro Technologies Inc. 76 Leica Geosystems 77 NCTech 78 Panoscan Inc. 79 Sundance DSP 80 For more information on these companies, circle the corresponding number on the Reader Service Card. M O R E I N F O R M A T I O N Using the FARO Technologies Laser Scanner at an accident scene. SAFE FOR YOU, NOT FOR THEIR STASH PERFECT VISION ® V20 VIDEOSCOPE CAMPBELL/HARRIS SECURITY EQUIPMENT COMPANY | | 510.864.8010 The Perfect Vision ® V20 Videoscope is the latest technology from CSECO, the makers of the Buster K910B and the CT-30 Detection Kit. It's also the ONLY scope certified SAFE for use in hazardous environments. Buster K9108 CT-40 Detection Kit Contact CSECO today to lea rn mo re about the FIBERSCOPE TRADE-IN PROGRAM and the new CT-40 Contraband Team Kit • Large color LCD display – 3.5x zoom - 10x resolution of fiberscope • Push-button photo/video capture – NO attachments • Video chip imaging - NO fiberoptic cables to break • Built-in LED light & 6 hour rechargeable battery • CERTIFIED SAFE by UL

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