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JUL 2015

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Page 20 of 63 July 2015 Law Enforcement Technology 21 NEW PRODUCTS M O B I L E D ATA & W I R E L E S S Data transceiver for land mobile radio applications Icom America's new IC-F5122DD/IC-F6122DD transceiver operates as a data modem and promotes field monitor- ing and remote system management. It promotes point-to-point and point-to-multipoint communica- tion. One radio can communicate to another radio or to multiple units with individuals, groups, and all calls. The radio may also be useful for telemetry and low-speed supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA). Typical applications include, but are not limited to, vehicle management, traffic monitoring and remote system management for utilities. Circle 20 on Reader Service Card Replacements are always a good idea Impact Power Technologies now offers a direct replacement battery for Motorola APX 6000/7000/8000. This new addition to their LifeSaver Series line of uniquely formulated Lithium Polymer batteries won't affect device warranties, and guarantees: • 3-4 times longer runtime than OEM battery (20+ hours) • 3 times more stamina (900 recharge cycles) • 50 percent lighter (150 grams) • 2 times longer lifespan (2+ years) The IPT-MT7038-LiP battery keeps personnel safe with full-shift communications, while saving agencies on OEM failure/replacement costs. Circle 19 on Reader Service Card Extract more evidence Cellebrite expanded its UFED platform to include the UFED Pro Series for the lab. The Pro Series is designed for forensic examiners and investigators who require comprehensive, up-to-date mobile data extrac- tion and decoding support to handle the rapid influx of new devices and data sources. The UFED Pro series com- prises UFED Pro CLX and UFED Pro LX, and features UFED Cloud Analyzer, which delivers the exclusive capability to preserve and access forensically sound private third-party data. Circle 18 on Reader Service Card Wi-Fi connectivity solution Icomera launched an innovative Wi-Fi connectivity solution that improves public safety outcomes for law enforcement officers and increases citizen safety by providing seamless mobile connectivity. A police car, ambulance, fire truck or even a school bus, can be easily equipped with Icomera hardware, providing real-time information and Wi-Fi access, including access to citizen safety apps that prevent bullying. Icomera is pioneering its use of technology through a partnership with SOCIFI, a free public Wi-Fi monetization and advertising platform. Together with SOCIFI, this solution provides security, analytics, and monetization by integrating with existing municipal Wi-Fi systems to provide technology solutions for today's problems, and a mechanism for funding current and future technology initiatives. Here's how it works: • A school bus or police vehicle is equipped with Icomera's mobile cellular router, such as the M-Series M340 or X-Series X6, which interfaces with their cloud-based or enterprise gateway. • The Icomera unit aggregates all available data networks, improving overall coverage, stability, connected uptime and data throughput. • The use of multiple 3G, 4G, and WiFi or satellite connections in parallel improves the network 's characteristics. Circle 21 on Reader Service Card

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