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JUL 2015

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22 Law Enforcement Technology July 2015 NEW PRODUCTS M O B I L E D ATA & W I R E L E S S Cloud service VIEVU's is a low-cost and flexible hosted cloud SaaS solution for law enforcement agencies in need of body worn video cameras. Instead of installing on-site servers and managing software with IT staff, agencies can now upload evidence and manage case files all in one easy to use, secure cloud-based web interface. A top concern for public safety agen- cies is whether a cloud platform meets the FBI's Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) policy, which dictates required secu- rity elements for the storage of Criminal Justice Information (CJI). Understanding this is a crucial priority for law enforce- ment and public safety agencies. VIEVU worked with Microsoft Corp. to host on Microsoft Azure Government Cloud, which is a hyper-scale commercial infrastructure cloud platform contractually committed to helping federal, state and local governments meet CJIS Policy requirements. is priced at $55/ month per license (minimum of 15 licens- es) with an additional one-time $199 set up fee per license. Each VIEVU Solution license includes an LE3 camera, three-year warranty, 60GB of storage (expandable for $0.125/GB/month) and 24/7/365 support. Users can upload any type of evidence from smartphones or tablets while in the field. Circle 25 on Reader Service Card State-of-the-art two-way radio solution DispatchPlus is a next-generation push-to- talk solution utilizing state-of-the-art digital two-way radio technology integrated with pdvWireless' proprietary cloud-based mobile resource management solutions, including worker tracking, status mapping and the com- pany's patented intelligent call prioritization. DispatchPlus enables communications to be sent, simultaneously, to one or many recip- ients, whether the recipient is on pdvWireless' two-way service, a cellphone or at an Internet address. The company's solutions provide customers with substantial benefits and cost- savings, such as increased operational efficiencies and improved productivity through the delivery of real-time information from and about mobile workers to their managers. Circle 88 on Reader Service Card Wireless push-to-talk (PTT) radio audio accessory Threat4's wireless push-to-talk (PTT) radio audio accessory has been tested and recommended by by the National Tactical Officers Association. The set-up features a waterproof (IP67) wireless finger/sniper PTT that can be fastened around an officer's finger, or the forward post or barrel of a rifle, using one of two varied length VELCRO straps. This allows PTT activation to be covert, without coming off the gun and breaking the firing position. The wireless finger/sniper PTT trans- mits its signal back to a second PTT, for redundancy, which also doubles as the finger/sniper PTT's receiving antenna. This receiving PTT unit is avail- able in two form factors; a body PTT or slim-line PTT. Each wireless fin- ger/sniper PTT is paired with its native receiver which allows for multiple units to work independently in close proximity. The wireless finger/sniper PTT is available on Threat4's surveillance style kits, throat mics, headsets, motor- cycle kits, helmet kits and temple transducers. Circle 87 on Reader Service Card Bluetooth speaker/mic Pryme's compact, lightweight, easy to operate BTH-SPM100 is the Bluetooth wireless version of the popular OBSERVER series remote speaker microphone. Recently upgraded, the BTH-SPM100 features fully functional built-in wireless Push-to-Talk (PTT), easy pairing, long talk time, no connectivity loss, 360-degrees swivel rotating heavy-duty belt/clothing clip, and a protective weatherproof membrane. The BTH- SPM100 includes wall charger, charging cable and a rechargeable bat- tery. Receive and transmit cable-free audio of wired-quality within the typical operational range of 10 meters (depending on radio adapter). The BTH-SPM100 can be paired with multiple Bluetooth devices, including Bluetooth compatible mobile phones. Circle 86 on Reader Service Card

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