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JUL 2015

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POLICE WEEK A s I sit here and listen to my children play and reflect on the past week, Police Week 2015, I am flooded with emotion. The sadness for the loss of life, the unnecessary, tragic and heart- breaking loss of so many warriors in blue. The anguish for the wives who will never again hear the rip of Velcro, that telltale sign that he has made it home safe. They will never again say "I love you, be safe" or feel the comfort of his arms around them. The anguish for the children who will never know their parent. Those who will never get to run and jump into their fathers' arms or just sit and read a book with them. The thoughts of the daughters who have been robbed of their fathers to walk them down the aisle, the sons who will never have a mother-son dance or go fishing on a father-son trip, the forever empty chairs where their second parent should be, and the other important life events, graduations, births of children, first jobs and other firsts that will all be marred with a touch of heartache due to their loss. There is also a touch of anger. I am angry that their names had to be added to the memorial. I'm angry that they were taken. I am also angry that there are so many people out there who do not respect the badge. Angry that our commander and chief sends White House representatives to criminals' funerals but not to the funerals of those who serve and protect. I am angry that people say things, hurtful things, with- out thinking. There have been many comments made this past week that the memorial is unnecessary, that the lives the blue family lost should not be mourned more than those of our military who have made the ultimate sacrifice, and that a week designated to remember our fallen is inappropriate. These comments encompass what is July 2015 Law Enforcement Technology 23 Reflections of Police Week ... by a police wife From

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