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JUL 2015

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24 Law Enforcement Technology July 2015 POLICE WEEK Circle 26 on Reader Service Card wrong with this country. The fact that we cannot commemorate one group of people without acknowledging others is dreadful. Police Week is designated as a time where we, as a nation, can come together and acknowledge those who will not come home and the families who are mourning them. Memorials are not for the dead, they are for the living. They signify to the families, friends, departments and communities that we remember their sacrifice, their pain, their loss, and their loved ones lives and deaths mattered. Memorials are a place to say thank you, we appreci- ate you and we will not forget you. A place where like-minded people can gather and express any emotion they feel without fear of reprisal. Blessed are the Peacemakers and they should be memorialized. Admiration is another emotion that stands out. The strength of the families left behind is nothing short of amazing. The wives and mothers with their heads held high with pride in their fallen warrior and a hint of grief in the tear that they quickly wipe away, both show the inner strength they possess. Nothing we can say can fix this for them. Nothing we can do will help them grieve. However, I can be there, we can be there. We can tell them we remember and that we are here, always. When your knees crumble and you fall, we will catch you. When your daughter walks down the aisle, she will not be alone. When your son wants to go fishing, he will not go alone. When you need a shoulder, we will be there. We will be there to share in the important milestones, the joys that are to come, and the triumphs that will occur. We can hope that there is comfort in knowing You Will Never Be Alone. The Thin Blue Line is more than a symbol or a phrase, it is a family, a promise, a commitment, and the thread that connects us all, those who toe the blue line and those who stand behind them. The array of emotion that hits me when I think about Police Week is overwhelming. I am honored to have been there, to have taken part, to have had the opportunity to explain what the memorial is to two small children of a local officer, to have rubbed the backs of officers mourning the loss of one of their own, to toast our fallen and their families and to have felt the blue family fall in to remember and honor all those we have lost. Blessed are the Peacemakers and I am truly, truly honored to call them family. ■ —Jacqueline Wagner, proud police wife Editor's Note: This piece was received from reader Jacqueline Wagner on's Facebook page. Pursuit Management Technology | 888•TAG•TRAC Made In The USA TAG IT • TRACK IT • APPREHEND 8 0 % + A p p r e h e n s i o n R a t e N o P r o p e r t y D a m a g e Z e r o I n j u r i e s Z e r o D e a t h s INTEGRATES WITH STRICT OR NO PURSUIT POLICIES EMPOWER YOUR OFFICERS • MITIGATE COMMUNITY RISK THE 21ST CENTURY PURSUIT SOLUTION THAT PUTS YOU IN CONTROL VIEW DEMO

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