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JUL 2015

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Page 30 of 63 July 2015 Law Enforcement Technology 31 networked system. Interoperability is managed by proprietary software that can then be accessed via user interface on PCs or handheld devices that can invite other agencies to join. Sessions can be agreed to and planned in advanced by triggered events like the pushing of a panic button by a school to manage a crisis situation. This technology can be managed by either a dispatch center, communications manager or any number of assigned individuals charged with running the localized access levels. This approach relieves agencies from being tied to one particular supplier for com- munications and opens up the possibilities for agen- cies to entertain the use of more than one communications supplier when looking at overall communications functionality and choosing the right devices and technology that best suits their agency needs. When asked about Mutualink's technology advances and their approach to interoperability, Colin McWay, President of Mutualink said, "For the past several years Mutualink has been advancing the notion of media cohesion." Media cohesion is the methodol- ogy by which users of one media type can share communications with users of other media types (e.g. LTE to LMR) and is in use by hundreds of first responders today. This approach eliminates silos, creating seamless interoperability for agencies in the same community or across the country with- out forcing them to change the technol- ogy that they use daily. ■ • Ultra-rugged, weatherproof • Stunning video & audio • Locking, magnetic chest mount • Dock & go convenience • 9 hours of HD recording on single charge • Record-After-the-Fact® technology CAPTURE MORE. COMPROMISE LESS. 800.605.6734 IN-CAR VIDEO • WEARABLE • MOTORCYCLE • INTERVIEW • EVIDENCE MANAGEMENT WatchGuard, 4RE, VISTA and Record-After-the-Fact are registered trademarks of WatchGuard Video. ©2015 WatchGuard Video. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. INTEGRATES WITH 4RE® IN-CAR VIDEO SYSTEMS, Simply Superior HD Wearable Camera Circle 37 on Reader Service Card COMPANY READER SERVICE NUMBER Motorola 29 Mutualink 30 Tait Radio 31 For more information on these companies, circle the corresponding number on the Reader Service Card. M O R E I N F O R M A T I O N Products from Motorola's interoperable radio range include the APX 4000XH (left and middle) and APX7000XE (far right).

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