Law Enforcement Technology

JUL 2015

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Page 40 of 63 July 2015 Law Enforcement Technology 41 B Y S A R A S C U L L I N EVIDENCE & FORENSICS S o much of our lives are on- line. The work we do, the music we listen to, the videos we watch and the people we chat with and email. We make business transactions and keep memories on our hard drive without a second thought. This massive, active hub of business and personal activity can be a boon to criminal investigators and police trying to solve crimes, but it presents plenty of logistical challenges, too. A thorough online search can quickly become an overwhelming undertaking for offi- cers with plenty else to do and limited resources. In the interest of speeding things along, the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) recently sponsored a Circle 56 on Reader Service Card The big data sift The National Institute of Justice joins forces with forensics pros to come up with a faster, more efficient way to scan digital data in a quest for evidence

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