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JUL 2015

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46 Law Enforcement Technology July 2015 LEADERSHIP egos at the door guys, we are all in this together and not to outdo the others. Finally, my personal favorite quote of all time came out as most of my Harveyisms. We have all heard of it is not bragging if you can do it' or 'he is blowing his horn'. One day after briefing on a case where my squad had per- formed exceptionally, there were some mumbles in room. Yes, in a competitive promotional environ- ment you are always making your mark. After the briefing I was asked why I gave such an elaborate presentation, I replied If you don't blow your own horn, somebody else will use it as a spittoon. The room understood my position, if I did not take the credit for my team somebody else would have. It is good to be first to make the mark. These are my favorite little quotes and a few are actually attributed to me. Why use them? In teaching or mentoring your stu- dents they stick. Nobody remem- bers data or the verbatim rule of the law, but everyone recalls the little jingle or funny quote. Recall the late attorney Johnny Cochran's famous "If it doesn't fit, you must acquit" quote at a trial. Whimsical quotes stick, now go forth and make the next gen- eration of officers the best ever. And never, ever get a rule named after you. ■ William L. "Bill" Harvey is a native Virginian. He served as a sergeant in the U.S. Army Military Police Corps and has a BA in criminology from St. Leo University and is a graduate of the Southern Police Institute of the University of Louisville (103rd AOC). Harvey served for over 23 years with the Savannah (GA) Police Department., specializing in field operations, investigations and support services, and completed his career there as the director of training. He has published several articles in professional periodicals and has lectured nationwide. EASY. AFFORDABLE. PROVEN. FREE 30-DAY TRIAL Manage daily rosters and schedules Easily track and manage employee certifications and training Online time-off requests Build rotations Monitor staffing levels Send email and text messages CALL US: 800.874.8801 Circle 63 on Reader Service Card Circle 61 on Reader Service Card What do you hash with? NIST Special Publication 800-107 states: "SHA-1 shall not be used for the generation of digital signatures afer the end of 2013." Te Voom HardCopy 3P forensic hard drive imager, with NIST approved SHA-256, images at 6+ GB per minute. 651-998-1618 • Summer Sale Price $1400 Circle 62 on Reader Service Card

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