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INDUSTRY NEWS 50 Law Enforcement Technology July 2015 Saunders … a 65-year-old Maine family business has launched a new brand of products under the US-Works label. Partnering with non- proft community-based organizations who provide meaningful employment to people who are blind or have signifcant disabili- ties, Saunders expects its new line will provide jobs throughout the US for the manufacture and assembly of a wide range of products, including offce, janitorial, and safety supplies. VideoRay... reported that for the last 19 months its Pro 4 Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) has been permanently deployed off the coast of Stavanger, Norway. The Pro 4 ROV was deployed by Stinger Technology AS in November 2013 to test how long a VideoRay could remain under- water in working condition continuously without surfacing. This operation marks the longest continuous deployment of an ROV of any class without requiring mainte- nance. Stinger's resi- dent ROV—named "Seaquito"—is housed in a crate on the seafoor, which helps reduce the amount of biofouling that the ROV might experience through natural wear and tear of being underwater, and keeps out any predators aggressively curious about the new neighbor in the North Sea. Piloting is done remotely over a Wi-Fi network, instead of directly from the Pro 4 Integrated Control Box. This allows Stinger to deploy Seaquito from their headquarters imme- diately, rather than waiting until they can get an operator on-site. BAIR Analytics Inc., a LexisNexis Co... announced the San Rafael (Calif.) Police Department (SRPD) has partnered with BAIR to provide public crime mapping to their public through RAIDS Online. RAIDS Online makes it easier for San Rafael residents to keep track of crime in their area. BAIR offers RAIDS Online as a free service to any law enforcement agency who wishes to participate. RAIDS Online syncs with SRPD's crime records system to automatically upload crime information and keep it updated on the map. Residents can view crimes near their home, school, work or other area of interest. Zetron... a provider of mission-critical communications solutions, has partnered successfully with Mistral Solutions to implement Zetron dispatch consoles in an integrated mobile command-and- control solution for the Bangalore City Police in Bangalore, India. Bangalore City Police was established in 1963 as the frst profes- sional police force in Karnataka. With a population of over 10 million, Bangalore is the third most-populous city in India. Due its high concentration of global high-tech frms, Bangalore is also known as the Silicon Valley of Asia. COMPANY SPOTLIGHT Kahr Firearms Group... kicked off a free magazine promotion on any of their Kahr C-Series Value pistols. To qualify, purchase any Kahr C-Series Value pistols in 9mm, .45 ACP, .40 S&W or .380 ACP between June 1, 2015 to September 30, 2015 and Kahr will send one free magazine. The 2015 summer promotion is only offered on Kahr C-Series Value pistols, which includes: CM9093, CW9093, CT9093, CM4543, CW4543, CT4543, CM4043, CW4043, CT4043, CW3833 and CT3833. To receive a coupon for a free magazine, log onto MagPromo2015.asp and fll out the online form or download the coupon, fll it out and mail, email, or fax it along with a copy of the frearm receipt and the frearm serial number. The new frearm must have been purchased during the summer promotion period to qualify. Any form submitted without a copy of the receipt and the serial number will not qualify for the magazine promotion. Allow six weeks for processing, shipping and delivery. Vigilant Solutions... announced its LEARN analytic software and commercial license plate reader (LPR) data helped a law enforcement agency locate and apprehend a suspect in multiple sexual assaults against underage victims. Because of the nature of this case, the agency has requested to remain anonymous and have certain aspects of the case obscured. The suspect was believed to have fed to Mexico or was possibly staying with other family members in several states that border Mexico. Using LEARN's Stakeout feature, law enforcement remotely visited all the known family residences to seek commercial LPR data that may assist in the investigation. They located a vehicle parked near a family member's residence that matched the description provided by victims. This image was shown to the victims who positively identifed the vehicle as the one used by the suspect. Tribridge... announced the Cook County (Illinois) Department of Corrections (CCDOC) is now "live" with Tribridge Offender360, a technology solution that reduces the complexity and costs of managing inmate populations, from inmate intake and facilities manage- ment to programs aimed at decreasing recidivism. Encompassing more than 40 percent of all Illinois residents, Cook County is the second most populous county in the US, and the CCDOC is the largest single-site pre-detention facility in the country, admitting nearly 100,000 detainees annually and overseeing an average daily population of 9,000. Tribridge is a technology services frm that specializes in business applications and cloud solutions.

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