Law Enforcement Technology

JUL 2015

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• Penetrates wood, brick, concrete block and other materials • In use by intel & tactical teams worldwide • Ideal for covert surveillance with included mounting spikes Please log onto for details and pricing A must-have offcer safety tool! Mantis Thru-Wall Stereo Mic System Bait Tracking System This RF based tracking system is perfect for BMV (Burglary of Motor Vehicles), bicycle theft, high value asset protection and more. This system delivers inch level accuracy with a LOS (line of sight) range up to two miles. The transmitter module is a slim 0.49 inches, making it perfect for insertion into purses, laptops, clothing and more! With the built-in lithium battery, run time is up to 30 days. With the accuracy, range and run time that this tracking system offers, it makes a great companion to GPS trackers and bolsters search warrant request and executions. The system comes complete with transmitter module, receiver with display, charger and operation guide. Additional transmitter modules are available for larger bait tracking operations. Bait Tracking System……………………….$324.99 Need Expert Advice? Email us at or 855.778.6565 7 Conical Pinhole MCCP7 Flat Pinhole MCFP7 M12 Micro MCML7 Conical Pinhole MCCP7B Weatherproof M12 Micro MCMLP7B Model Lens FOV Price MCCP7 Conical Pinhole 90° $99.99 MCFP7 Flat Pinhole 90° $99.99 MCML7 M12 Micro 90° $99.99 MCMLP7B M12 Micro 90° $99.99 MCCP7B Conical Pinhole 90° $99.99 • Brilliant color video with the SONY® EFFIO® DSP • Razor sharp 700 lines of resolution • Easy to conceal, small 1" width & height • Low lux rating of 0.008 w/ 50dB S/N ratio • I ntegrated motion detection & privacy masking • Low current draw of just 80mA • Operates with 9 or 12 VDC • I nline joystick for advanced feature control • Built tough & backed with our two year warranty Low Light Micro Cameras MCMLP7B Concealed With Burlap Camo Great For Installing In Ceiling Tiles MCFP7 With 3M® Ribbon Sealer Adhesive A.K.A. "Monkey Poop"

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