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JAN 2016

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Page 18 of 39 January 2016 Law Enforcement Technology 19 Further Your Career in Law Enforcement Visit our website at for information about gainful employment including cost of attendance, on-time graduation rates, occupational opportunities, median student debt and other important information about Waldorf programs. Apply Today at No Cost! or call 877.267.2157 6UlPUe deNrees aUd certPÄcate proNraTs a]aPlaIle PU CrPTPUal JustPce aUd /oTelaUd :ecurPty. Circle 68 on Reader Service Card Keith W. Strandberg is an American freelance writer and award-winning screenwriter/ producer of feature films living in Switzerland. He was a former contributing editor for LET more than a decade ago. Patrol Sergeant Jolie Macias taking notes at Urban Shield. Those women that have made it to SWAT teams know that every team needs a variety of skills to be suc- cessful. "On SWAT, you need a wide range of types," says Macias. "You don't just need the big guy who is going to be your breacher, you need other skills and you need your team leader. Early on they found I was really valuable to climb stuff and get into tight spaces, but I am no longer just an operator, I am one of three team leaders." On the Berkeley PD, the force is 22 percent female and the overall SRT ele- ment is 20 percent female, according to Louis, so progress is being made. But there is still a long way to go. "We have participated in Urban Shield since it began and every single year we have had at least one woman on the team," Louis says. "In one recent competition, with 30+ tactical teams, more than 200 operators, there was me and one other woman. So you can see it's still a very male-dominated field. In 2013 at the award ceremony I was stopped by several women who thanked me for 'representing' and one said, 'I can't wait to tell my daughter that there was a woman on the win- ning team!'" ■

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