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JAN 2016

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6 Law Enforcement Technology January 2016 610 - 678 - 6011 Supplemental Prisoner Adjustable Restraint The answer to temporary safe restraint of handcuffed prisoners • Easy to Use • Fast Application • Economical • Space Friendly • Unisex NO BUCKLES • NO STRAPS • NO CUFFS • Made in the USA • Time Saving • Easy to Install • Padded for Prisoner Safety • Easy to Clean The ideal solution for police departments, detention centers cell blocks, court rooms, processing centers, prison intake, etc. POLICE INNOVATIONS Circle 5 on Reader Service Card Circle 3 on Reader Service Card Here's to a bright idea Brite-Strike Tactical Illumination Products Inc. was started by two police officers who wanted to create a world class tactical flashlight. It had to have features that officers and citizens could rely on for optimal safety. The brilliant, flawless white light in a small easy-to-carry size can be used to temporarily distract and disori- ent a suspect or attacker. The Tactical Blue Dot switch was designed by Officer Glenn Bushee and Officer Jon Neal. It features a tri-sided barrel design for a more ergo- nomic grip, as well as a front and rear tri- strike-crown. The light provides maximum impact for pressure point and weapon retention techniques. The company does not mass produce lights for mass merchant retailers, rather it manufactures in small batches with meticu- lous quality control—allowing them to incorporate the latest technology all the time. Circle 4 on Reader Service Card See this online: More break and rake The BP-2 was designed and developed by J&N Tactical's owner, Jeff Herr. Herr has over 25 years experience as a full- time police officer and 20 years as a tactical team operator. The company specializes in noise flash diversionary devices NFDD delivery poles/systems. The BP series poles enhance safety and performance when delivering a NFDD. The BP-2 allows an operator the most effective way to break and rake a window, deliver a NFDD into an opening, and prevent the device from coming in contact with people. The BP-2 reduces the probability of the most common NFDD injuries to zero. The BP-2 is being used by SWAT teams and special oper- ation groups around the world. Circle 6 on Reader Service Card See this online:

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