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DEC 2016

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I t's time once again to bring you our annual Law Enforcement Technology Buyers Guide, a directory of products, companies and services that traverse the great, wide, multi-faceted world of law enforcement. We've highlighted organizations and companies that specialize in everything from forensics to ticketing to SWAT— and thousands of other systems and tools along the way. We know our readers, wherever they may be, wear many, many hats and one size certainly does not fit all. We've got you covered whether you're working to train a small group of deputies in the mountains of Utah or navigating a surveillance system overhaul in Washington, D.C. In our 2016 directory we list nearly 500 companies in an easy- to-use format that will help you to put your finger on anything you need to make your work more productive. This issue also contains the regular columns you've come to depend on, Firearms Tactics and On Your Watch, as well as a follow-up piece on the Ferguson Effect by Ferguson, Missouri's Lt. Tom Wetzel (pg. 16). This month in Firearms Tactics (pg. 20) the fit firearms enthusiast Lindsey Bertomen chats with Lt. Dennis Tueller (Ret.), about the 21-foot rule and how it figures into defending oneself against edged or blunt trauma weapons. What has changed since Tueller published his "21-foot" idea back in 1983? What remains the same? This month in On Your Watch (pg. 66) veteran police officer and author Carole Moore addresses the IACP speech that amassed quite a bit of mainstream press. Were you able to listen to IACP President Terrence M. Cunningham's speech in its entirety this past October? Did you happen to catch sound bites? What did you think of the reaction it received in the law enforcement community? Industry News is still here (pg. 62), as is Training and Events (pg. 64) so you can begin to plan your ancillary training and travel schedule for next year. LET will be back in 2017 with the reporting you rely on—stories covering duty flashlights, fleet upkeep, school resource officers and the technology used in deep water rescues. We will continue to bring you exclusive interviews with managers from all over the country. And of course, lots of new products to bring with you to budget meetings! Have a safe and happy New Year! E D I T O R 'S L O G Sara Scullin Editor Submit your questions, news tips, and comments to sara@of 6 LAW ENFORCEMENT TECHNOLOGY DECEMBER 2016 Keep us close by VOLUME 43, NUMBER 12 PUBLISHED BY SOUTHCOMM BUSINESS MEDIA P.O. 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