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MAR 2017

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Page 28 of 45 MARCH 2017 LAW ENFORCEMENT TECHNOLOGY 27 Targeting the new terrorist How can we begin to deal with the threat of terrorism? • Get off the false narratives that pov- erty and/or education are the cause or issue. Although the extremists promise a better way, they really deliver more death, more suffering and more poverty. Young people need to see these extremists for what they are; then and only then will their recruitment numbers go down. • The Muslim media has to stop treating the extremists and terrorist as freedom fighters. • Teachers and parents can't assume that because they reject extremism their kids will, too. • Islamic politicians and religious leaders need to stop blaming their country's problem of endemic corruption on the West. • Religious leaders need to condemn extremist actions and promise eter- nal damnation not eternal heavenly bliss. In the meantime, we need to be constantly vigilant. My old instruc- tor used to say, "When dealing with a terrorist, you have to think like a terrorist. You must get inside their head. How would you carry out a ter- rorist attack? Where would you get the needed equipment and supplies?" By doing that it gives an enhanced insight into terrorist attacks in your area of responsibility. Today and for the foreseeable future the risk of home-grown terror- ists in the homeland is high, particu- larly, as has happened in the past, the lone wolf attacks. These are easy to plan and carry out yet very difficult to detect ahead of time. Their modus operandi is for surprise attacks that are simple and quick, targeting areas such as bars, restaurants and night clubs, market places and waiting areas in public transport locations where people gather together. The lone or isolated police officer, security officer and military personnel are not exempt from the target list, either. How many of you take the same route to and from work or visit the same coffee shop? How easy would it be to follow your routine and target you directly? The modern day terrorist is a chameleon that blends into the environment and they will use quick and easily accessible weapons such as vehicles, hammers, knives, fire- arms and simple explosives. Terrorism is the cancer of modern day society that we need to address on multiple levels. We are not invincible— we have to make our communities and ourselves hard targets. Lind's DC/DC power adapters are engineered to deliver regulated, reliable power – keeping the devices in your vehicle powered on, while our Shutdown Timers ensure that your vehicle battery doesn't leave you stranded. With our standard and customizable solutions, we ensure you get the highest level of compatibility and performance out of your mobile devices. Our extensive portfolio of mobile power solutions provides unmatched dependability and options. To learn more, please visit us at WHEN THE HEAT GETS TURNED UP, WE KEEP YOU POWERING ON. Circle 70 on Reader Ser vice Card

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