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MAR 2017

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8 LAW ENFORCEMENT TECHNOLOGY MARCH 2017 C O V E R S T O R Y • The Hudson 9mm Handgun, touted as using a 1911 Government Model style frame mated with a striker-fired upper (i.e. Glock, M&P, etc.), was highly antici- pated. During Industry Day at the range we had the opportunity to handle a couple of prototypes and fire one work- ing model. Hudson is creating a unique handgun, that's for sure. However, the "1911 style frame" is in profile only; no grip safety, no slide lock/thumb safety. And since it's a double-stack 9mm, it's not slim and comfortable like a 1911 style frame either. I am with- holding judgment until the final model is in production. It has promise if executed properly. • Alien Gear Holsters, a company that is known for (and developed its entire reputation on) very comfortable in- waist-band (IWB) holsters, announced no less than 11 new holster models. In actuality, it's one holster model with multiple mounting platforms. While some of the models/platforms are still in final development stages, the mere announcement that Alien Gear is mov- ing away from strictly IWB holsters is major. Their past proven performance and creative engineering concepts have provided them an excellent foundation to grow on and I expect to see all these new holsters/platforms come to fruition in a timely fashion. • SOG Knives released their new "Q" series of multi-tools. With four variations from the Q1, which is TSA compliant, to the Q4, with its accompanying pouch of ratchet bits, the Q series is a new take on an old idea: the multi-tool. To add to that, SOG also released their belt-buckle multi-tool variant. With it, there's no lon- ger a need to have a pouch on your belt for your multi-tool; it's there—it's your belt buckle. • SigArms 320 modular handgun was selected by the Army. This was a big announcement. After having used the Government Model 1911 for 75 years and then moving to the Beretta M9 for just over 30, the Army announced its selection of the Sig 320 Pistol as its choice for the modular handgun weapon system. • CRKT released a series of knives with their new "field strip" technology as the platform. Anyone who has regularly carried and depended on a folding lockblade knife has known the challenge of taking it apart to clean it. All too often specialty tools are necessary and even if the knife News and Notable s fr om SHOT Show The Hudson 9mm   SIG SAUER Inc. was awarded the U.S. Army contract for its new Modular Handgun System (MHS) ach year thousands in the law enforcement industry gather in Las Vegas to learn, network and view new products and technolog y at the one and only SHOT Show. And each year we leave the show with more news and product launches than we can fit on our desks. We gathered as much information as we could and put together a list of news and noteables from this year's show. A few takeaways from the miles walked by our Editorial Director and Managing Editor By Frank Borelli, Jonathan Kozlowski E

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